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Eternal Love
3rd-Jul-2011 11:23 am - Pimping!
GaGa - Brave mask
Do any of you also love the TV show Castle? This is a great interactive comm for Castle fans and it's time for sign-ups!

A new murder is starting over at castleland, so if you want to check out the comm and join up, now is the best time! There's lots of fun challenges involving games, graphics, writing, teamwork, puzzles, all sorts of fun stuff!

If you do decide to join, make sure you tell them fbi_woman sent you!
29th-Nov-2010 06:12 pm - Cuteness on Oprah today
loved today on OPRAH!
7th-Jul-2008 01:14 pm - Congratulations
GaGa - Brave mask
Congratulations to Nicole and Keith on the birth of their daugther, Sunday Rose!
17th-Jun-2008 10:47 am - Hiatus
GaGa - Brave mask
Well, I think as we all can see, this community has been seriously lacking in participation in the last few challenges, and as usual, nicole_nut is the only one who has submitted entries for the challenge that was supposed to close this past Sunday. I've decided that I'm going to put the comm on hiatus for a few weeks, and then I'll do another round of promotion and recruiting, and hopefully participation will pick up again.
6th-Jun-2008 05:34 am - Reminder
GaGa - Brave mask
Don't forget to submit your icons for this week's challenge! So far we only have 3 entries from 1 person. You have until Sunday, June 8 at midnight EST.
30th-May-2008 03:12 pm - Results
GaGa - Brave mask
Challenge #11 has now come to a close.

and the winners are...Collapse )
27th-May-2008 12:25 am - Challenge #12
GaGa - Brave mask
Prepare yourselves for Challenge #12!

details hereCollapse )
26th-May-2008 11:52 pm - Voting!
GaGa - Brave mask
Get ready to vote for Challenge #11!

cast your voteCollapse )
21st-May-2008 12:17 pm - Extension
GaGa - Brave mask
Okay, we STILL don't have enough entries, so this is your LAST EXTENTION!!!! You now have until SUNDAY, MAY 25 at MIDNIGHT EST. At that point, I will simply put up whatever entries we have for voting, and if there are none, we will move on with a new challenge. This is your last chance, so get those entries in!
12th-May-2008 11:20 pm - Extension and New Co-Mod
GaGa - Brave mask
Since we dont have enough entries to vote yet, I'm extending the current challenge to Sunday, May 18 at midnight EST.

Also, welcome to our new co-mod, nicole_nut.
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